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Wieldex is a customer-centric e-commerce agency, and the truth is, we love to collaborate with customer-centric brands. Our e-commerce solutions seamlessly integrate the technical aspects of an e-commerce store with a marketing perspective.


UX/UI Design

Ecommerce Development

Security Management

E-Commerce Updates and Checkups. 


If transparency, customer service, and solution-oriented partnerships are too important for you too, we are on the same page. Our e-commerce solutions are developed in packages because we get inspired by results and no one of these services can stand alone. 

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e-commerce solutions Experienced E-commerce professionals

E-Commerce Experts

When you want the best, you work with the best. We work with high-level professionals. Our business model is working with contractors and build a team for every project. This means that no one in Wieldex works with more than three projects at a time. Why? Because quality matters.

Our E-Commerce Packages:

Imagine you’re looking to build or renovate a physical store. Now, picture a professional coming to you and saying, “I have tiles, glazing, and other materials. Each one costs a certain amount, but you need to tell me which to use.” In other words, they’re leaving it to you to decide whether or not to include windows, suggesting that a little breeze never hurt anyone. Would you trust this professional to build your store? Of course not. You want the results you’re paying for, delivered with expertise and precision. This is what we offer: results.


The “wie-commerce foundations package” includes market research, digital strategy, e-commerce design, and development. It also includes monthly updates and security checks. Our goal is to lay the foundations for your e-commerce growth and success.


The “wie-commerce renovations package” is best for old websites that need a fresh and new design, or rebranding. This package includes UX/UI Design, branding strategy, and all that includes the “wie-commerce foundations package”. Best for e-commerce stores that growing and need much more than a basic e-commerce store anymore. Well done!


The “wie-commerce removal package” is best for businesses that need a smooth transaction from previous platforms or hosting providers to a new one. It includes data migration (product descriptions, photos, articles, and more). This package also includes the “wie-commerce renovations package”.

E-Commerce Case Studies


We designed and developed the Cougar Shoes online store. Our purpose is to capture the traditional and warm image of the Brand through the online store as proof of their journey.


The design speaks volumes about their commitment to showcasing products with clarity, featuring earthy soft colors that harmonize with the exceptional quality of the company’s footwear.

This is an exclusive and customized Shopify e-commerce store, where tradition meets innovation, and every step tells a story.

COUGAR SHOES - E-Commerce Development | Wieldex
e-commerce solutions Experienced E-commerce professionals


Bamba—an innovative platform for independent travelers worldwide. This comprehensive e-commerce project features seamless user authentication, personalized accounts with travel history, and curated recommendations.


This user-centric design includes a diverse range of destinations, a convenient reservation system, and secure online purchasing capabilities. Wieldex’s custom software ensures a streamlined and secure experience, making Bamba the go-to online store for travelers seeking instant and informed decisions for their next adventure.


This dynamic e-commerce project is a custom WordPress solution that ensures the highest standards of security, providing users with a trustworthy and seamless online shopping experience.


In summary, our tailored WordPress-based e-commerce solution for Thrive Health & Nutrition exemplifies our expertise in delivering top-notch digital experiences. By combining cutting-edge technology with a user-centric approach, 

THRIVE Health and Nutrition - E-Commerce Development | Wieldex
GOODNESSME - E-Commerce Development | Wieldex


Wieldex presents a noteworthy case study featuring our expertise in crafting a Customized Shopify e-commerce store

The essence of this e-commerce endeavor lies in its commitment to quality, education, information, and unparalleled customer service. Our tailored Shopify solution ensures a robust platform, equipped with everything essential for a thriving online store. With thousands of products and an extensive array of categories, this e-commerce store serves as a testament to our ability to create comprehensive digital experiences that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele.

Wieldex ecommerce development Google Search review

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