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Everything is Marketing. From our website to the range of services we offer, and the connection we aim to establish with you. That’s our digital marketing solutions.


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Digital Marketing Strategy

At Wieldex we focus on Connection and Loyalty.

The digital marketing process is about research, segmentation, analysis, and translating them into a strategy that builds connection and Loyalty.

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We work with high-level professionals. Our business model is working with contractors and build a team for every project. This means that no one in Wieldex works with more than three projects at a time. Why? Because quality matters.

Our Digital Marketing Packages:


Picture a comprehensive solution encompassing every aspect of digital marketing tailored specifically for your e-commerce needs. Enter the “Wie-commerce Growth Package.” From strategic planning to seamless execution, consider it all taken care of. Pricing begins at $7,000 per month, with an additional 10% ad spend fee.


Experience the magic within our ‘Branding-focused package,’ where your brand truly shines. This comprehensive offering includes a tailored branding strategy, biannual photoshoots, an annual video production, expert social media marketing, and a finely-tuned content strategy. Pricing starts at $4.800 per month (paid annually).


At the core of every successful e-commerce marketing strategy lies loyalty programs. With our deep understanding of online consumer behavior, we’re primed to optimize your approach. it encompasses email marketing, product descriptions, and e-commerce consultation. Pricing begins at $2,550 per month.


This offering encompasses essential services such as SEO, CRO, product descriptions, engaging content development, and graphic design. Get started with us at a starting price of $1,500 per month.


The ‘Sales-focused Package’ is tailored for e-commerce businesses seeking immediate sales growth. This comprehensive service comprises SEM (on-page, off-page, and technical SEO), Google Ads management, CRO optimization, persuasive product descriptions, and SMS marketing. Get started for $2,000 per month, plus a 10% ad spend fee.

Digital Marketing Case Studies



From 2022 to date, we have been working with Molossos offering them the WIE-Commerce Quality Package, along with biannual photo shoots, SMS, and E-Mail Marketing, which has yielded impressive results

The outcomes speak volumes: a 2X increase in sales within the first year, and year over year a +70% organic clicks, 45% on orders, +54% on sales, a substantial rise in new customer acquisition, dominant positioning on the first page for crucial keywords, and our pursuit of further success continues.



We focused on improving their website’s SEO and content, yielding remarkable results: +136% in organic clicks, +53% in orders, and +37% in B2B sales. With over 150 keywords ranking on the first pages of search engines, dozens on the very first position, and a significant surge in website-generated customers.



Partnered with our digital marketing experts to elevate its digital presence and customer engagement through email marketing.

The strategy encompassed audience segmentation, creative content, product showcases, educational content, A/B testing, and automation.

Results included a significant boost in open and click-through rates, revenue growth, improved customer engagement, higher retention rates, increased customer lifetime value, and enhanced brand loyalty. Subscribers actively engaged with Futon Company’s brand initiatives, fostering a loyal customer community.

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