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We are here to communicate your company’s values and vision to the world in the most effective and unique way. If you want to stand out, you’re in the right place.

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Digital Innovation in E-Commerce

Founded by Vivian Mitsiou, an alumna of the Athens University of Economics and Business with a specialization in SEO from the University of California, with experience in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce since 2015 and in sales since 2006. Wieldex stands at the forefront of e-commerce strategy and digital marketing. Vivian has honed her expertise, by working with notable organizations like Greenpeace, WWF, Kill Cliff, and a variety of smaller enterprises. Her journey led her to discover a passion for e-commerce, culminating in the creation of Wieldex.

~ Wielding digital experiences, inspiring a visionary future.

At Wieldex, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke digital solutions that drive significant business growth. We specialize in crafting strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, leveraging a team of skilled developers, designers, and marketing strategists.

Why Wieldex?

At Wieldex, we redefine marketing in ecommerce by integrating extensive research, market analysis, and customer behavior insights into every project, ensuring not just a service, but a transformative experience with measurable returns.

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Our Values


Upholding ethical standards and honesty in every interaction.


Our customers are the competitors they want to copy.


We are solution-driven professionals. There are at least two solutions for every problem. Our job is to find the best and implement it.


Not every campaign is going to be deified, nor every decision to vindicate us, but that’s how marketing is and that’s how business is. 


In memory of Bruno.

Bruno taught me that nothing is more precious than love, loyalty, and life. Though he lived a short life, he lived it bravely. This company was founded and exists in memory of Bruno's great spirit, which continues to inspire us even today. —Vivian Mitsiou