social media marketing

In Wieldex, we use consumer insights to fuel our strategy and ensure results.



We encompass everything you want to achieve on your chosen platforms, to the tactics you will focus on to meet a set of defined goals



We believe that not simply a matter of numbers. Our personalized approach not only helps your fans grow, but also keep them always engaged. 



The most significant benefit is attracting more people by connecting with a defined target market. More customers mean more profits.



With a clear strategy and detailed work, social media can provide a direct line to your target audience and offer an opportunity to understand their needs.

But, how ?

Forming a strategy that tackles the competitive social media landscape, to the strategy that increases a field service brand’s chances of reporting a positive ROI on its social media investment.

Are you still struggling your your Social Media?

And even more

In Wieldex, we offer some of the best social media packages for all kind of businesses, because we focus on custom strategies. We never settle for one-size-fits-all approaches, and we always take a different route.

Along with our clients, we discuss the needs, the opportunities, the strengths and the weaknesses, building the ideal and most productive social media strategy,

Branding the visual identity of your business

always ahead

Too many agencies and businesses persist with strategies that consistently fail to deliver results. In Wieldex, we are not afraid of changes and new ideas. We are ruthless in cutting out parts of the plan that are no longer working. And in the end, this is how we make the difference.



We very well know that when it comes to choosing your partner for the social media, it’s a jungle out there! You step into agencies, freelancers, even inhouse employees. Some of them charge hourly, some use a monthly package, while others prefer to use campaign-based packages or work based on an annual contract. In Wieldex, we build the plan and the pricing together. We meet, discuss, analyze and comprehend what you and your business need, at any given time. And we have the flexibility to adjust it. 



Now days, most of your customers use social media. Most of the business as well. And there are many reasons for that:

  • Social media marketing helps you find new customers
  • Social media marketing helps you spread the word about your products and services
  • Social media marketing helps your Brand recognition
  • Social media marketing helps you build trust
  • Social media marketing helps you advertise your business, products or services
  • Social media marketing helps you create a loyal community

In Wieldex, you research every single detail. We build and implement a specific Social media strategy with continuous optimizations. We figure out a plan that suits you and your business. We do not  offer packages on our website simply as a means of demonstrating to prospective clients, because we believe that each one of you is special and with different needs.  

Simply, a social media advertising package, is a “must have”.  We build bundled service plans for advertising on social media for all kind of social media platforms.  With close consultation with you, we define a list of deliverables, like the number of ad campaigns and ads included with your fully customized package.

That way, we can build a strategy and campaign that provides your business with the most value.

Social media advertising will boost your number of followers in all social networks.
Having a proper management of your social media pages and campaigns, according to best standards and practices will also support your sales and the general customer satisfaction. Most importantly, with our social media expert guidance, we can be sure that you will make the most of social media.

We continuously measure the results and report back toy you. To be honest, there are countless things to track. Starting from the  traffic that your social accounts drive to your website or blog, to the more specific analytics. In Wieldex, we use all the well know tools such as Facebook’s Page Insights, Instagram’s Account Insights, and LinkedIn’s Visitor Analytics etc, along with our own.  You will always receive an analytic report from us, along with all the explanations and the next steps.