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Build sophisticated yet highly user-centric mobile apps that solve complex business problems quickly and efficiently. Hire app developers excelling in Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development.  

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Expert Mobile App Developers.

As a trusted mobile app development experts, we will enable you to realize your mobile app ideas in the shape of feature-rich user experiences. 

We provide custom mobile app development services for iOS and Android platforms irrespective of device type (phone or tablet).

Premium Mobile App Development Services.

Are you looking for a development partner who can accommodate your unique requirements and deliver perfection? Amaze your users with modern, user-friendly mobile apps that meet all their needs.


Our user-experience oriented mobile app development model contains among others: On-Time & On-Budget: Our flexible development approach allows us to deliver software projects on pre-decided due dates while staying within defined budgets. Creative & Modern UI/UX: We employ the latest UI and UX design practices to empower you to achieve your business objectives aesthetically. Tailored for Your Business: With extensive cross-industry experience, our mobile app development company is trusted by startups, SMBs, and large enterprises alike.

Our Clients

We work with Great Companies of all industries.

We are providing individual care to the needs of each Project.

Wieldex helps us rank for over 150 keywords in our B2B industry. The quality of work and communication have been respected. We found their SEO knowledge superior. I will recommend them over and over again. They are the best SEO Company we have ever worked with for us!

Stelios Moraitis Founder & CEO of MORAITIS METROPAK

I wanted to redesign my website thoroughly, and the team was terrific in helping me achieve this goal. They were able to make all the changes and make sure my website was clean, professional-looking, pleasing, and easy to use. They charged a fair price for the procedure. I would highly recommend you to use their service.

Jenny Nika Owner/Occupational Therapist,

This commitment to customer satisfaction and a willingness to go above and beyond is refreshing and commendable…The project was a success, and I’m happy to report that it was within budget. It is for these reasons I am confident in recommending Wieldex.

Christine Evans Marketing Manager, BC Financial Services firm

Lots of creative concepts and solutions. Excellent joint and strategic plan analysis that was useful even in covid times. Excellent collaboration.

Mario Siletti Founder & CEO of Nutrition Global Trading

I needed help with several websites; they stepped in and delivered more than I expected. Not only were the technical aspects executed, but their support and feedback level were higher than I expected. The five sites needed WordPress CMS, and design required help as well. We worked together to deliver our clients a superb web design and unique project.

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    Mobile App COST.

    Let us know your idea, and we’ll let you know in detail whether your picture is worth more than it costs or not.

    Transparency is our competitive advantage.

    In our decade-long experience as a mobile app development experts, we have delivered many Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development projects that range from €7,000 to €300,000.

    Mobile apps come in varying shapes and sizes for different mobile devices. Features, functionality, scalability, usability, performance – all these factors significantly affect the scope of building a mobile app. So, budgeting for a mobile app development project is a tricky exercise. However, with our experience developing mobile apps, Wieldex can estimate your project cost highly accurately.


    We ensure that our mobile application development services capture the most delicate details. We break each project into seven phases to facilitate industry-best design and development practices. Each step is critical to the overall success of the app development lifecycle.



    To get impeccable results is critical to lay a sturdy foundation. Therefore, before anything else, the first step of our agile, mobile app development services revolves around gathering as much data from you as possible. We know the importance of communicating with our clients. We aim to clearly understand what you want your app to do and exactly what you expect from us. In this step, you can freely discuss all your requirements with us.


    App design is an essential part of our mobile app development services. Our expert design team lays out your app’s interface. What will the app look like? Where should each feature be positioned? How can we make it easy for the users to navigate through your app and provide them with a great user experience? We answer all design-related questions in this phase. Using high-end wireframing tools, we create a blueprint of your app to give you an idea of how it will look by the time we built it.




    We are ready to produce a sample product for you at this stage. We build upon the skeletal structure obtained from the previous step. We add more details to make the prototype as close to reality as possible. The prototype is an excellent first look at your app in terms of design. You can interact and play around with it, so you know how your product will turn out in the end.


    This step is where the real magic happens, as expert mobile app developers begin to spin all your ideas into existence. Using the finest development solutions and technologies, our app developers combine your business logic with suitable programming tools to produce the perfect mobile app for you.




    We conduct regular testing activities throughout the development process to ensure that your app works as intended. If there is a problem with a particular component, we redo it until we achieve perfection. The app is tested in more ways than one to ensure no bugs in the logic or the design. Our seasoned QA engineers drive the project to a smooth finish!


    Finally, the time comes to launch your app and see it run in all its glory! At this stage of the process, your app is ready to be rolled out to the end-users. Our skilled app development team ensures the smooth launch of your app on the relevant app stores.




    Post-sales support is a vital part of the mobile app development process. Sometimes, your users may run into an error or have difficulty figuring out how the app works. That is where we step in and help them out. Additionally, your app needs to be maintained periodically to stay up and run flawlessly due to continuous advancements in mobile technologies.


    Mobile app development is a highly technical process. Therefore, we do not expect you to have perfect knowledge of the technical domain. We have a team of professional mobile app developers who would be happy to help you understand your project’s technical aspects to make the right decisions. You can also meet with our virtual CTO to better understand the technicalities. We expect you to know your functional requirements while we manage the technical side of things.
    We offer custom mobile app development services for businesses of all sizes across different industries. Our services include Android, iOS, and hybrid app development. From customer-facing apps to enterprise solutions, we have done it all!

    Native: For native mobile app development projects, we utilize platform-oriented technologies to build user-friendly mobile apps. These include:
    Cross-Platform: Our team uses tools and technologies that allow cross-platform applications to perform efficiently on multiple mobile platforms. These include:
    React Native

    Yes. Being an all-in-one Digital Experience Design agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea. Our agreement states that both the parties involved protect the confidentiality of the information. Since we believe in security first, we ensure that your app idea is strictly confidential; regardless of the complications. Our NDA is valid for two years; you can either renew or discontinue it. You can even provide your custom NDA; however, it gets reviewed by our consultant before signing.
    The mobile app development costs vary from project to project based on various factors, such as the scope, requirements, and technical complexity. We will determine the cost of your mobile application development project after a thorough discussion with you. We must first understand your needs and assess the scope of your project as accurately as possible. The final mobile app development cost comprises four major components: Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design.

    There are four options which you can choose from:

    • Fixed-price fixed-scope model: If you have well-defined requirements and a pre-decided timeline for your project in mind, a fixed-cost model will work best for you.
    • Dedicated team model: Do you feel that (a) your project requirements may change, or (b) you will need to hire app developers for multiple projects over time, but you don’t have the budget? You can choose to have a dedicated full-time team of experts.
    • Time-based model: If you cannot decide on a fixed scope, timeframe, or cost for your project, you can use this model. Your task will be divided into more minor phases over time, incurring varying expenses you can control.
    • Hybrid model: This option works best when there are frequent fluctuations in the project workload or requirements.

    Sharing your requirements with us is the first step to getting started with your project. After you contact us, we will conduct an initial discussion to understand your needs to quickly define the indicative project scope and costs and specify any significant project risks.

    Yes. We offer maintenance and upgradation service post-development of the project. We understand that you may face technical glitches after your enterprise app is deployed. So, to avoid any technical problems after implementation, we provide you 6-months free support service. In case you have any troubleshooting, our support team will guide you.