Scale your e-shop bigger and better.

We use expert knowledge, experience and a promise of 100% commitment, to provide the best e-shop development services to our clients.



Our expertise extends across web design & development and e-commerce platform integration. We specialize in Enterprise technical strategy, web marketing, hosting or cloud solutions, and beyond.


We are a strategic e-commerce agency. We help clients establish comprehensive and effective e-commerce strategies and build high-quality websites to meet their objectives.


At Wieldex, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that will meet the highest PCI compliance standards and keeping your site updated with the latest security mechanisms.

Is all about user experience.

Wieldex has the expertise and technology to take your enterprise ecommerce project to the next level.

The big picture of your ecommerce

All-in-one packages for every aspect that matters for your digital transformation process.

A successful eCommerce business is about more than brilliant marketing or getting your products to the customer on time. Many parts of your business deserve attention. You should notice that the supply chain, logistics, workflow automation, and data migration play essential roles in your eCommerce business.

To get the best results, let our team carefully consider these different parts of your business – it is greater than the sum of its parts. Let us help you increase your revenue and create new growth opportunities.

Let’s start this journey together.

Scale Your E-commerce Bigger and Better.
We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

At Wieldex we build competitive advantages! See the e-commerce development lifecycle we follow. 

A research-driven approach uncovers new opportunities by analyzing industry trends, consumer behavior & competitor data.

We work closely with our clients to build beautiful digital experiences and e-shops, ensuring they exceed their expectations.

What matters to us is the relationships with our clients. That’s why we always offer ongoing support at an affordable fee.

Our expert team of developers builds a clean and efficient product based on eCommerce design documentation that attains to all your needs.

We start by putting into action our information about your business processes and industry, then collaborate with you on what we think would be the best choices for design to make an excellent Web service.

We can foresee the issues at an early stage of the project so that it reduces cost and delays in project execution. QA team performs various tests on an e-commerce solution to deliver only high-quality results.

E-commerce All-in-One Packages.


We build competitive advantages. We are an all-in-one digital experience design company specializing in providing digital experience through mobile apps, web, and software. We offer different enterprise development services and are committed to getting things done. We strive to streamline your complex business process and focus on the big picture. We have 75% repeat and referral business experience developing enterprise applications for various industrial domains.

We understand your enterprise business has crucial proprietary information, and your project idea needs complete protection. Therefore, we always sign an NDA before starting the development to avoid discrepancies.

Other ways we follow to secure your information:

  1. Secured development area which prevents unauthorized access
  2. We back up safely source codes using highly-secured software
  3. Physical surveillance systems in place
  4. Encryption of data using VPN and other channels
  5. Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure the authenticated access

The NDA ensures that your project idea is completely safe and secured with us.

Yes, an eCommerce website will affect your customer base but in a positive way. It has all the features that a local store owner can use. You can display your products and sell them. Moreover, you will have a worldwide customer base. So you can expect a boost in sales as well.

Building your custom e-commerce platform is the best choice if your business has a large amount of data that require advanced features. A custom solution will guarantee you the perfect setup for your business. Platforms like BigCartel, Shopify, and Magento allow you to develop a website using their tools. These have both pros and cons associated with them.

Many moving parts are involved in setting up an eCommerce store or a custom portal. Our team can work with you to narrow your requirements and create a list of needs. Based on your budget and timeline, we will look into extension and customization options together. Feel free to contact us through the contact form or give us a call so we can chat more about your project!

We develop your eCommerce, and people from all over the globe can visit your page. However, how do you make your eCommerce store visible to your target audience? This is where SEO comes into play. Our eCommerce website experts work with our SEO experts to implement SEO for eCommerce websites, which will provide more visibility and growth for your site. Also, keep in mind that SEO is a continuing process.

Yes. We offer maintenance and upgradation service post-development of the project. We understand that you may face technical glitches after your eCommerce is deployed. So, to avoid any technical problems after implementation, we provide you 6-month free support service. In case you have any troubleshooting, our support team will guide you.