Digital marketing Consultation


Looking for quick, meaningful results from your digital marketing agency? Don’t just arbitrarily start from scratch. By performing extensive audits and combing through each site’s statistics, we get faster results by identifying the most significant opportunities. Our job is to accelerate your digital marketing performance and help you get the most out of the internet in a way that is measurable and time-bound.

By using a data-driven approach, we let the statistics speak for themselves. We’re unbiased, we identify what’s working, and what isn’t and take what’s good and make it great. We’re marketing mechanics, we’re in the fixing business. We keep the best and fix the rest.


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consultation areas

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital strategy development
  • Customer acquisition
  • SEO audit and recommendations
  • Google AdWords
  • Social media & content marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • CRO for Ecommerce & other websites
  • Google Analytics customization

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sectors of expertise

  • Automobile Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Travel Industry
  • NGOs


          And many more…

which are the skills that makes us stand out

The consultation in digital marketing is no longer about merely discussing which online channels to add to the media mix. It is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing. And for this, you need a team of highly experienced professionals, dedicated to help our customers transform. Like ours.

Our team consists of professionals that have mastered a variety of skills.

Let’s dive together.

Software Development lifecycle


Analysis & Planning

One of our sales representatives gets in touch with you and understands your exact requirements and business goals. We assign a team that will then analyze all the aspects of your project in detail to create the right digital products. This team sets out the groundwork for your project by planning resource allocation, cost estimation, and scheduling.

Design & prototyping

The design team then will proceed with prototypes and design by implementing the UI/UX plan and guidelines. To make the right design for your products, our design experts ask for your corporate logo, color, and image preferences. They develop a cost-effective custom workable software solution in accordance with the digital product vision and strategy.



Software Development

This is the most crucial and longest step in the product lifecycle. Our expert team of developers builds a clean and efficient product based on the software design documentation that attains to all your needs. We also promise to keep complete transparency throughout the process and our diligent team will inform you of all the progress and milestones attained.

Quality Assurance

Before we deliver your software solution with all the essential features and functionalities that your business needs, we make sure of the quality. We consider it our duty to deliver a product that functions seamlessly. Our expert QA team carries out in-depth product and software testing to remove bugs and glitches if any, to meet the product needs.



Deploy Software Product

After tracking and fixing the bugs in the developed software product, it is now time to release the working solution to production. We help to ship the bug-free software product to real customers. Our tech team will push the code to the users and ensure a smooth product launch and successful business operations to secure the company from potential losses.

Maintenance and Updates

The SDLC never gets complete. It is called a ‘cycle’ for a reason. As the users use the solution, new changes or some corrections might be needed. To adapt to those changes, it is important to maintain and update the product from time to time. Our tech team then offers the support to evolve your product functionality based on analytics data and user feedback.



We analyze your mix of channels and we restructure them in order to have a more productive, low-cost offering. Moreover, we examine your capabilities and re-design the content when nedeed.

We bring you results by addressing inefficiencies and by establishing strategies that increase your sales and your acquisition.

In Wieldex, we cover a broad spectrum of digital marketing solutions. We focus on tactical decisions which drive growth while saving marketing budget by improving ROI. Our expert team can help you with data, analytics, advertising, even customer experience.

The first step for our digital marketing consultation is reaching out. We can schedule a zoom meeting and discuss the needs of your business along with our credentials.  When it comes to your marketing plan, we know you need the right consultant. Someone that is going to invest time, and deliver results. We are a full – service, all-in-one digital company. If you are looking for results, let us drive them.

There might be many of you thinking that that the marketing department or the IT department in your business can also carry out the digital strategy, but this is not how things work.  Each role demands its own level of specialization and expertise. Aside that, one of the main reasons to hire a consultant outside your business, is the new perspective and the external point of views. We’ll bring you clarity, objectivity, and expertise. 

In Wieldex, we believe that it’s all about staying updated. We value technology above all. We invest not only on our own digital transformation, but on our clients’ as well. We are using numerous, diverse tools  depending on your needs. After a close consultation, we’ll know which one fits you best.

Yes. Before assigning a project, you can interview our team members. We will shortlist employees based on your project needs and send you the shortlisted resume for final approval. Just in case if you are not satisfied with the shortlisted candidates, we will send you more options. Once you finalize, we will conduct a meeting with the team to proceed further.