Innovative Branding

Stand out from your competition with a compelling brand. Share your inspiring Story, your Values, and your Vision through your Brand, with Wieldex.

Branding is about falling in love.

BRANDING is one of the most important assets for any successful company.

It is the first impression for your potential clients, your potential partners, and your potential employees. Brand development is a strategic process of creating your company’s image, products, and services to build customer loyalty.


Visual Identity Design



Your Brand will talk about your company, your values and your competitive advantage. We need to deeply understand what is this we have to “say” about through your visual identity. We need to know your vision, your customers, your “why”, “when” and “what”.

Research is always the first priority in Marketing. We do market research and analysis to come up with the colors and shapes that create the perceptions and emotions you want your Brand to create. Brand research provides insight into help increase your likelihood of success.

In this step we create alternatives & then select the best one. The suitable choice has to be refined through different criteria which are selected based on the visual identity of the brand, such as the symbol, the colors or the shapes. 

In the process of designing or re-designing a brand we create the diversity of visible elements of a brand, which captures and conveys the symbolic meaning of the brand. Visual identity expresses the characteristics of the design parts. 

Brand Naming

Brand naming is is the foundation of your brand’s identity. It is the foremost branding element that your customers will recall and associate with your product, service, or company. the process of identifying a viable name for a product, service, or company.


Wieldex offers define naming as the set of techniques and strategies that are developed in digital marketing for the creation of a brand name.


Brand Identity & Positioning

Your brand lives in the public imagination. It exists as a perception, informed by every touchpoint you have with your audience. It is ever-changing.

You can’t just tell people what your brand is—you need to show them.

Your brand is the invisible thread that runs through your services, website, mailouts, emails, answering machine, even your team’s behavior. These daily connections are the battleground where your brand will thrive or fail in existing and future customers’ minds.

The corporate identity of your brand will include your marketing actions, principles, postures and your brand image.

Is all about customer loyalty.

Build a brand that your customers will love and they stay loyalty to this. The creative aspect is one thing but the most important is the Marketing plan. 

Clear, compelling, visually striking & culturally electric.

Our Approach of Branding.

From strategy and naming to visual identity and messaging, our branding approach is finely honed and ever-evolving. We test our assumptions, prioritize data over opinions, and operate on the principle that a brand can’t be stronger in the market than it is within the organization. A brand’s identity must engage the whole organization—it lives at the core of all processes, behaviors, and communications.

We design immersive content experiences for your brand and product. Through this we create, code, and augment digital product assets to strategically usher users into a beautiful and seamless digital interaction. We call it UX All-in-one. Our services: branding, brand strategy, brand naming, web design and visual identity, corporate identity, branding strategy, packaging, social content, and e-com content.


A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. (American Marketing Association)

Branding is the competitive advantage of your product. In other words, branding is not only the logo or the package of your product, but a strategy designed by organizations to help people to quickly identify and experience their brand. Also, to give them reason to choose their products or services over the competitors’. The concept is to attract loyalty.

Brand attractiveness manifests in a brand’s ability to attract customers and in the customer’s willingness to buy. The features vary by industry, type of product or service, customer characteristics, etc. The package, the color and the symbols or pictures of the design are for sure, some of the most important choices. 

1. The price premium increases: Customers are willing to pay more for an attractive brand than for a technically and functionally equivalent product.

2. Cross-selling readiness increases: In addition to the primarily product, the purchase process extends to include other products of the same brand. This cross-selling increases sales efficiency and turnover per capita.

3. The recommendation rate increases: The customer is motivated to recommend the brand to others (word-of-mouth). This way, the company benefits from the credibility of others, which is rated higher than the company’s brand communication.

4. Customer loyalty is strengthened: Customers feel an inner connection with the brand, their values overlap with those of the brand. Even after a negative experience, the customer does not abandon the brand and the company can continue to benefit from the “Customer Lifetime Value”. (Brand-trust)

Yes. Being an all-in-one Digital Experience Design agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea. Our agreement states that both the parties involved protect the confidentiality of the information. Since we believe in security first, we ensure that your idea is strictly confidential; regardless of the complications. Our NDA is valid for two years; you can either renew or discontinue it. You can even provide your custom NDA; however, it gets reviewed by our consultant before signing.