Branding consultation

We help you make strategic decisions by providing analysis, solutions and marketing expertise. 

Branding consultation will breath new life into your brand.

Our handpicked expert consultants are at your disposal, ready to share their thorough know-how.

What is branding consultation ?

Branding consultation  focuses on every aspect of your products and services. Our consultants analyze, asess and evaluate your brand identity, your performance and your strategy with internal audits, SWOT analysis and research, aiming to make your business achieveits objectives. 

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what kind of services brand consulting offers?

We can build the brand identity of your business from scratch. The corporate identity of a brand is one of the most important aspects that boosts your business in multiple levels. An aligned corporate identity can ensure even digitally the perception your customers have about your business.

what if i already have a brand identity?

If you are not starting now, you most probably already have a brand identity. But is it clear? Is it strong? Is it aligned?

Our branding consultants can assist you measure all that, and can help you reposition your identity, changing your potential customers’ perception. 

competitive advantages of branding

A brand that has clear differentiation form the competitors always gives an extra advantage . And can beat that?

We have the answer. 

A brand that uses that competitive advantage but is consumer centric at the same time. These two characteristics ensure an extraordinary experience for your customers, turning them in to your loyal fans.


When you contact us, we provide a free consulting service. On a phone call with you, we discuss:

  • The brief of your business
  • The problem that you want to solve with a software
  • The goals and results you want to achieve with your business
  • Type of software you want to develop
  • Budget and timeline of the software

In our call, we understand the whereabouts of your business. After discussion with you, we help you to validate your concept, share our recommendations and suggestions. And if you agree with our recommendation, we provide you with a work-break-down structure and strategies to go ahead with the development.

Wieldex is one all-in-one digital experience design company in Marousi, Greece, specializing in providing digital experience through mobile app, web, and software. Since we offer different enterprise software development services and are committed to getting things done, we strive hard to streamline your complex business process and optimize employee productivity. We have 75% repeated and referral business, and have experience in developing enterprise applications for various industrial domains.
Yes. Being a all-in-one digital experience development company, we definitely help you to validate your project idea. In fact, we offer a free consultation where we analyze your business requirements, discuss the business challenges, and clear your doubts, if any. Once we discuss, we check the feasibility of your idea and see how we can proceed further with your vision.
Yes. Being an all-in-one Digital Experience Design agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea. Our agreement states that both the parties involved protect the confidentiality of the information. Since we believe in security first, we ensure that your app idea is strictly confidential; regardless of the complications. Our NDA is valid for two years; you can either renew or discontinue it. You can even provide your custom NDA; however, it gets reviewed by our consultant before signing.

We understand that your enterprise business has crucial proprietary information, and your project idea needs complete protection. Therefore, we always sign an NDA before starting with the development to avoid any discrepancies.

Other ways we follow to secure your information:

  1. Secured development area which prevents unauthorized access
  2. Source codes are safely backed up using highly-secured software
  3. Physical surveillance systems in place
  4. Encryption of data using VPN and other channels
  5. Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure the authenticated access

This ensures that your project idea is completely safe and secured with us.

Yes. Before assigning a project, you can interview our team members. We will shortlist employees based on your project needs and send you the shortlisted resume for final approval. Just in case if you are not satisfied with the shortlisted candidates, we will send you more options. Once you finalize, we will conduct a meeting with the team to proceed further.

We believe in importance of keeping you updated about every development in the process. In every enterprise app development phase, we ask about your feedback, changes, or issues you find in the process. Our agile process ensures that you are always in the loop of getting constant feedback regarding our progress with your enterprise app development.

Yes. We offer maintenance and upgradation service post-development of the project. We understand that you may face technical glitches after your enterprise app is deployed. So, to avoid any technical problems after implementation, we provide you 6-months free support service. In case you have any troubleshooting, our support team will guide you.